Monday, October 30, 2017

Very Soon! New EP, new LP, another Concert!

Let De Läbbel and Hotrox be your host for round 2 of the ELEMENTS Sessions! The concept is all about guiding you through the different elements of Hip Hop, all brought together in one night.

There'll be Djs spinning the one's and two's along with some break beats for the b-boys & -girls, beatmakers dropping beats that bang like headnods, while accompanying the flows of the MCs, graffiti writers showing off their skills for the right setting as well as beatboxers creating just the right soundscape for the ELEMENTS Sessions.


▰ La Base & Tru Comers (RAP / Coming Tru Records, CH)

▰ GooMar (LIVE BEAT-SET / Tour de Manège, FR)

▰ Hotrox & 8Cee, Mixtape vol.1 Release (RAP / Raw Dog Entertainment, De Läbbel, CA & LU)

▰ Mr Charly (RAP / Stoned Control)

▰ DJ Schwan (DJ & SCRATCH SET, 2 Zimmer Gefüge, DE)

▰ Human Mic (BEATBOX)

▰ DJ Funkstarr (DJ SET / De Läbbel)

▰ Fatal Fury Crew (BREAKDANCE)


▰ Hotrox (HOST, Raw Dog Entertainment, De Läbbel)




◭ INFO ◮

▰ Date: Saturday 25th November

▰ Doors: 20h00

▰ Venue: Rotondes (Klub)

▰ Official Partners: Olliewood Skateshop Luxembourg, Axwai Asbl, Ville de LuxembourgRotondesDouble-D PromotionsSACEM Luxembourg s.c.

▰ Artwork by Alain Welter

Friday, September 1, 2017

Buying/Leasing Beats

If you're interested in Beats, just pm or email me, Beats are available on Youtube & Soundcloud!

My Next Concert!

Upcoming Projects

Hi, first of all I wanted to thank you checkin comin by, also I wanted to say is that I have 2 upcoming projects that are coming out this year! It was a bit quiet but it doesn't mean I got lazy, be prepared!